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The Greenvan story is a fantastical musical journey woven from the life experiences of a tight knit group of friends and family. Walking through a Chicago suburb in 2007, you might have heard a vaguely familiar rendition of Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers booming from a basement window. The classic rock tune was an ambitious first song for three eighth graders, who were barely able to play their own rendition. READ MORE >

In an homage to the countless hours circling the pool during swim team practices, they called themselves Klorine.

Their collective confidence was a product of a lifelong friendship forged almost since birth. Although the song may have been beyond their expertise, they would soon grow into the technique. This unique drive and determination to master a beloved tune is where the early roots of Greenvan first emerged.

The band’s story of friendship began when Ricky and Elliott met in preschool. Soon after, Ricky and Konner shared the same kindergarten class. The boys became a trio at Ricky’s epic 6th birthday party. Nerf gun battles, all night video game wars and a ritual breakfast binge fest at favored eatery, Pat’s Place, bonded the boys as brothers. Music, however, would become their shared lifelong passion.

Just fourteen, Ricky made a bold move. He declared independence from his Mom’s day-care business. With baby beds in every room of the family home, including his bedroom, Ricky set out on his own and moved to the basement. Suddenly, Ricky had room for his drum set, some privacy and a place to hang with Konner and Elliott. In the newly formed band cave, Konner picked up the guitar, Elliott the bass, and they composed their first song, Rainfall.

Although they were thriving, a high school band director insisted the boys choose between jazz band and swimming. Undeterred by the ultimatum, they left the music program and set out on their own. The boys changed their name to Eyes Closed and Through, a literal translation of the German phrase Augen zu und durch, meaning to “face your fears and push through.” This both resonated deeply with the boys and aligned with one of their burgeoning philosophies about music: “music has the power to help people through life’s greatest challenges.” This would gain even more significance when Elliott later faced a life-threatening illness.

Soon the boys had written more than enough tunes to play several full sets. Eager to test their skills, the boys landed a few gigs, including The Store in Chicago and The Spot in Cleveland. In 2014, Eyes Closed and Through (ECT) won the preliminary round of the Gorilla Music Chicago Battle of the Bands. The band qualified to compete in the finals, but summer break ended, and the boys were forced to say goodbye as they headed back to school.

Graduation from high school sent the boys in different directions. Although life would pull them apart, music would bring them back together again and again. Each time they made their way home, they headed straight back to Ricky’s basement to reconnect and play new music.

The summer of 2015 changed the band’s trajectory once again. They gained lead vocalist, Kate McGinnis. Konner’s cousin, Kate added a new layer to their evolving sound. With youthful optimism, the foursome changed their name to Greenvan, inspired by the classic Ford van they used in Atlanta while recording their EP. The green van also became a metaphor for the open road and artistic freedom. Now working with professional musicians, a vocal and songwriting coach, producers, and sound engineers, they meticulously composed their debut EP, Greenvan: Freedom Rings.